¿ Reality ? Around the house

June 2010 Just as I was moving in, picture of the back side. While I don't own the field, it's left alone most of the year.
June 2010 A bunny just off the gravel in front of my house.
June 2010 And it's corn growing season, just across the road from my front yard.
December 2010 The sellers left a bird feeder which is just outside my living room window. I put seed into it from time to time -- the cats need entertainment after all!
December 2010 Snow! Gazebo covered in snow. The house is to the left.
December 2010 Snow up the driveway.
January 2011 Birds in a tree, enough of them that I had to capture it.
March 2011 And a fluke of a brief snow toward the end of March. Here's the driveway.
March 2011 And snow dusting the cherry blossoms
March 2011 And the back field
May 2011 The magnolia tree just off my back deck is starting to blossom.
May 2011 And the flower is open.
May 2011 The hydrangeas outside my front door is blossoming.
June 2011 In the summer, storms occur every three to four days, on average, and are short. Anyways, my gutters are overflowing here.
July 2011 A butterfly on something in some of the bushes just off my front gravel.
July 2011 My gazebo in the summer time
August 2011 The neighbor's horse just after hurricane Irene came through.
September 2011 The neighbor's horse in the sliver of pasture they own, not too far from my back deck.
October 2011 The view up my driveway.