¿ Reality ? UK, 2003

In 2003, I traveled to the UK, again.

General Photos

Christmas 03
Colin Being Silly Ian & Imperial War Museum
Western Highlands Eastern Shore
AberdeenArundelBlackpool & Preston Brighton Cathcart CastleEdinburgh
London OxfordStirlingYork Others


On this trip, like most trips, I take a bunch of pictures at a location in an attempt to make a panoramic photograph, later. These I stitched together using Hugin, an open source photo stitcher.

WARNING!!! Some of the following can be quite large, so download with care.

Well, the following is the one I did at Edinburgh, from a hillside in Holyrood Park. (By the way, the path is straight.)
  • Small, 272K and 2534x760 pixels
  • Medium 794K and 5000x1350 pixels
  • Large2.7M and 10,000x2700 pixels
  • Full 8.5M and 21000x5600 (approx) pixesl
Here's the view from Stirling Castle, away from the town of Stirling.
  • Small, 186K and 2500x548 pixels
  • Medium, 650K and 5000x1095 pixels
  • Large, 1.8M and 8636x1892 pixels
Some of the exposure was uneven for this, which is true give that the sun was hiding behind some of the clouds. Also, if you notice, some of the automobiles are in the composite picture twice -- quantum mechanics in action! :)